Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to solve the Intel CPU uCode Loading Error?


Intel CPU uCode Loading Error

Press F1 to continue.


Usually this means your motherboard doesn't recognize your model of CPU. It will run fine, it just doesn't know exactly what kind of CPU you have. try updating your bios.



Go get the latest BIOS update from

1. Download the latest BIOS Update. ( It is important that you download the BIOS update that matches your motherboard's model.)

2. Save the downloaded file on a floppy disk.

3. Boot from the boards Support Cd. Browse the floppy disk.

4. To obtain a backup of your latest Bios settings, type:
afudos /0filename

5. Finally to update the BIOS, type:

afudos /ifilename <-- Type here the filename of the BIOS Update. It ends with a .rom file.

Important: The machine should not be restarted while the update is running.

After the update, restart. You should now boot with no problem.

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